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The HQ210 is a 3-way passive design with two 254mm (10") bass drivers, a 75mm (3") softdome mid-range and a 28mm (1.125") tweeter. It can be freestanding or soffit-mounted and the ability to rotate the mid/hi baffle enables the speaker to be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

In its passive form it can be run bi- or tri-wired, but also, with the addition of an external electric crossover, can be configured bi-amped or fully active by moving a plug on the passive crossover board. When soffit-mounted, all these changes can be made without removing the speakers from the wall.

This flexibility together with unrivalled stereo imaging, un-coloured sound and low distortion make it one of the finest and most flexible monitors available today.

Applications include mastering suites, post production, broadcast, project studios and medium sized control rooms.


3-way passive monitor suitable for both stand and soffit mounting in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Suitable for bi- and tri-wiring as well as bi- and tri-amping. Can be upgraded to be run 2-way active or 3-way active.

Mounted Vertically

590 x 850 x 355mm (23.5" x 33.5" x 14")

Mounted Horizontally

850 x 590 x 355mm (33.5" x 23.5" x 14")


55 kgs (121 lbs)


Bass cone: 2 x 254 mm (10 in)
Midrange: 1 x 75mm (3 in)
High Frequency 1 x 28mm (1.12 in)

Maximum SPL

112 dB at 1m


91.5dB at 1 watt at 1 meter

Frequency Response

40Hz - 18KHz +/- 2dB

Nominal Impedance



Triple pair gold plated binding posts accepts bare ends or 4mm banana plugs

Crossover Points and Slope

Low/Mid: 600Hz 12dB/oct
Mid/High: 2.8kHz 12dB/oct

Recommended Amp Power

300 - 900W RMS





The AP800 is a 2-channel amplifier that provides 770W RMS/channel into 4 ohms and 450W RMS/channel into 8 ohms. The AP800 has complementary class AB bipolar outputs, with unique floating drive stage that offers exceptional audio transparency and sonic performance. Sophisticated digital control for management of load, temperature and operating conditions. Built-in, user selectable limiters with "tight" and "easy" settings. Switch for 2/4 ohms and bridged mono setting.

The AP800 is a 2U unit with low noise, vari-speed fan assisted cooling using XLR input connectors and controls for level, mute and power on/off.